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About us

It was love at first sight, Rolo and Shandra first met in June 2020 over pizza on a date back in Vancouver. 

Rolo had recently moved from Toronto and Shandra was newly single and trying to figure out what her next move was.

They soon ended up in lockdown together where Shandra discovered a love for collaging and Rolo, his love for making music. Their love blossomed and so did their creativity.

Days turned to months and time became a blur. The stress of lockdown in Vancouver was taking it's toll and while on a family trip to the Okanagan, the pair decided up uproot their life in the city and opt into the quieter life in Kelowna. They found a place and moved to Kelowna in Feb of 2021.

Fast forward some months (Oct. 2021) after a summer spent doing local farmers & craft markets and making a community of friends in Vernon, they took the plunge and leased a storefront downtown Vernon; then months later, bought a house.  

The goal and vision for Moontide is all about community.  Shandra & Rolo hope to provide a safe and accessible space for art lovers and creators alike to come learn, hang out, and collaborate through classes and various events. 

Rolo has been doing all the printing for Art by Shandra and is incredibly skilled when it comes to all things fine-art print based.  He knows how to adjust images and make sure they print true to their original form. He will be running a boutique fine-art specific, printshop in the back.  11th House Printshop.

Shandra has an extensive background in fine-art and running workshops.  She will be bringing this expertise along with a desire to keep growing to her classes and future exhibitions. 

Moontide is a safe space for all folks and will be striving to build positive change and support for the local community.
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